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Start Date 4th Nov 2018 12:00am
End Date 9th Nov 2018 12:00pm
Location Parliament House Lawns, Hobart

The art installation, “Shorelines”, will be installed on Parliament Lawn, Hobart, as part of their Centenary of Anzac Commemorations.

The installation speaks of peace and hope, using 15,000 boats (the boats inspired by the Gallipoli Lifeboats) to symbolise each person from Tasmanian who served in World War One. Each boat is unique, representing the diversity of those who served, made from eucalyptus wood and using their natural bends and twists. These boats come together to form long lines, arranged in such a way as to create waves near a Shoreline.

The Shoreline is symbolic of a threshold for Tasmanians, something they crossed to leave and return, and something they crossed to enter the conflict. The 15,000 describes the number who served (not those who died), including men and women.

‘A part of the installation is to take the boats from the installation into our homes, completing the "journey" back to the "homes" from which they came. I would love you to own one for this reason.

Each of these boats will be from the Shorelines Art Installation, installed on the Tasmanian Parliament House Lawn, Hobart, from November 4-9, 2018.. They are limited to 15,000, the number used in the installation.

For each order you will receive:

  • one boat from the Shorelines Installation;
  • one commemorative card with the artist statement and original poem by Mark Tredinnick; and
  • one photo of the art installation (5 x 7 inches)

You can purchase a boat by visiting

The Tasmanian Government is a major sponsor of the event.