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Military War Dogs

Start Date 16th Oct 2017 10:00am
End Date
Location Lowestoft Bay War Dogs Memorial
Main Road
Fee Gold coin donation to cover tea/coffee

A Seniors Week activity

Dogs have been used by military from earliest time for a wide range of duties such as guarding facilities, detecting mines and explosives and locating tunnels. Dogs have also served as valuable companions to soldiers serving away from home.

Come along and find out about why dogs are so valuable to the military, their roles and the issues surrounding their use.

You will learn about the accidental war dogs such as:

  • Horrie the Wog Dog
  • Judy whose adventures ranged from a British gun boat in pre-World War Two Shanghai, through Singapore, Sumatra and other Japanese occupied territory. After the war, Judy was taken to England and ended her adventurous life in East Africa. her wartime experiences included two ship sinkings, a run-in with a crocodile and narrowly escaping being shot by Japanese and Korean guards in a prisoner of war camp.

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