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Gallipoli: Then & Now

Start Date 31st Jul 2015 9:30am
End Date 22nd Aug 2015 5:00pm
Location Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, Ground Floorm, 91 Murray Street, Hobart
Fee Free

This exhibition features work by Vedat Acikalin. Acikalin is a Turkish photo-Journalist. In 1990 Acikalin went to the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. He photographed tender moments between old enemies. He saw a bond between the men. The veterans remembered how they had fought against each other in their youth. They walked together as friends, visiting the trenches and pausing at the graves of their mates. When Acikalin immigrated to Australia in 1973, it was the first he learned of the ANZAC legend. The tradition with its ideals of courage, endurance and mate-ship. He was fascinated by how both sides of the same war changes people. The Turks have their own legend. Many Turks believe that the foundations upon which modern Turkey stands were laid during the Gallipoli Campaign. The courage and sacrifices of the campaign inspired the Turkish nation to unite under Ataturk's leadership.

Organisation LINC Tasmania
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