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Australian Living Memorials

Australian Living Memorials

Conservation Volunteers intends to create at least 100 living memorials across Australia and New Zealand through our Living Memorials (LM) program. The program aims to support locally driven activities over the next four years that engage the community in commemorative events linked to our Anzac history. Conservation Volunteers are working with corporate communities to provide financial and in kind support for the successful projects.

Currently Conservation Volunteers are seeking expressions of interest for suitable project concepts. I thought you may wish to distribute this news to your networks or propose a potential project yourself.

Individuals and community groups are invited to nominate projects for consideration. These can be new or existing projects in the community that require additional support. Projects may include the restoration of existing Avenues of Honour, community memorials or the creation of new living memorials such as walkways, community or native gardens etc. Projects aimed at returning environmental health to our land will also be considered with any clear links to the commemoration. 

Examples of projects could include;

  • Planting a named section of bush with 100 trees
  • Planting 40.46 hectares
  • Planting in order to bring the land back to 'fitness' which of course links us back to the soldier settlements of the day and the intention by the government at that time to provide 'Land fit for Heroes' . 

To nominate a project for the Living Memorials program please complete the Project Nomination Form here.

Successful projects will be supported by the large regional network of Conservation Volunteers across both Australia and New Zealand.


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