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Australian Soldiers WW1

World War One (WWI), also known as the First World War or the Great War, was one of the most significant occasions experienced by the human race. The outbreak of WWI between Britain and Germany on 4 August 1914 saw the commencement of Australia’s involvement. Believing the war would be brief and victorious, 54,000 Australians enlisted.

The war claimed more than 16 million lives from across the globe, and has played an undeniable role in shaping our nation. Almost 100 years on and the impacts of war are still prevalent today. The Centenary of ANZAC provides an opportunity to reflect, educate and explore the impacts of not only WWI but the many wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations since.

Tasmania itself also has a rich military history. Many Tasmanians units served in WWI including the:

Tasmania has also produced 14 Victoria Cross recipients, the most per capita of any Australian state or territory.

As the Centenary of ANZAC progresses, this website will share stories of Tasmania’s rich military history and provide unique insights into the way war affected different members of the Tasmanian community.