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Q&A with Officer Cadet Tom Campbell

Name, age, rank, role, current unit?

Tom Campbell, 30, Officer Cadet, Adelaide Universities Regiment – Tasmania Company.

I am currently completing my training as an Officer Cadet; this will be completed in July 2015. Once completed I am to be posted to The 12th/40th Battalion, The Royal Tasmanian Regiment (12/40) where I will take up the role of a Platoon Commander.

Date you joined the Army (Regular or Reserve) and number of years at your current unit?

I joined the army in December 2010 and have been with AUR Tasmania since then.

What is your role in the 2nd Division Centenary Parade?

I have been given the honour of carrying the 12/40 Colours.

What does that role mean to you personally and professionally?

The carrying of The Colours is a great honour, and to be given this role so early in my career is a significant privilege and honour, one I take very seriously. 

What does the centenary of 2nd Division mean to you?

2nd Division has a proud history of contributing to Australia: from first being raised to strengthen the campaign in Gallipoli, to providing a security and support role in World War II, and now in facilitating the vital role played by Reservists across Australia. To be able to commemorate the achievements of 2nd Division on its centenary is a great honour.

What does it mean to you, being a serving member of 9 Brigade in the 2nd Division of the Australian Army today?

I am proud to be a part of 9 Brigade, 2nd Division. This division has provided me with excellent opportunities to increase my professional knowledge, and to improve myself as an individual.

Now, I am in a position where I can begin to really work towards giving others the same opportunities I have been awarded. As well as this, I am now able to contribute to maintaining the high standard shown to me gives me a great level of satisfaction and pride.

What does it mean to you to represent your local community and family as part of this national commemoration?

I will be contributing directly on behalf of The 12th/40th Battalion, The Royal Tasmania Regiment which has a proud history dating back to the Tasmanian Volunteer Rifle Regiment of 1878. The Regiment has gone on to contribute to The First and Second World Wars, as well as more recent operations. To be able to represent this unit, comprised of members of my community, at such an event is a great honour and one I certainly will not forget.

What will be going through your mind when you parade outside the Australian War Memorial alongside Colour Parties from units across Australia?

I will be focusing on doing my job and doing it well. I will, of course, also be soaking up the moment and reflecting upon both those who have carried The Colours and those who have rallied around them – and what it meant to them.