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Q&A with Lieutenant Todd Appleton

Name, age, rank, role, current unit?

Todd Aaron Appleton, 32, Lieutenant, Platoon Commander, Bravo Company 12/40 Royal Tasmania Regiment

Date you joined the Army (Regular or Reserve) and number of years at your current unit?

I was appointed in September 2009 and I have been a Lieutenant with Bravo Company since 2012

Brief details of your operational service:

I was a Platoon Commander with Rifle Company Butterworth Rotation 108

What is your role in the 2nd Division Centenary Parade?

I will be carrying the 40th Battalion Queens Colour Ensign and representing The 12th/40th Battalion, The Royal Tasmania Regiment (12/40).

What does that role mean to you personally and professionally?

I feel honoured to represent 12/40 as a part of the Centenary of the 2nd Division, a unit that holds more battle honours than any other unit in the Army.

What does the centenary of 2nd Division mean to you?

It makes me proud to be a part of one of the 2nd Divisions units, units which trace their lineage to the volunteer soldiers of WWI and that we continue to uphold their values and legacy.

What does it mean to you, being a serving member of 9 Brigade in the 2nd Division of the Australian Army today?

I feel proud that I’m a part of something that has a proud history of service from WWI until the present day and that as a Division, we are trained to the highest professional standards in a unit that has a proud history and a dynamic future.

Do you have a personal connection to the centenary commemorations?

My Grandfather, Lewis Rex Hazelwood fought in WWII with the 2nd/8th Infantry Battalion as a Corporal in New Guinea. I am extremely proud and inspired by my Grandfather’s service.

What does it mean to you to represent your local community and family as part of this national commemoration?

I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to not only represent my unit but Tasmania as well.

What will be going through your mind when you parade outside the Australian War Memorial alongside Colour Parties from units across Australia?

I’ll be thinking of all of those serving men and women throughout the past century, who did not return home.