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List of Tasmanian Aboriginal Servicemen

The sacrifices made by Tasmanian indigenous troops in World War I must not be forgotten.

Researcher Andrea Gerrard has documented the history of 65 Aboriginal men who enlisted, despite the fact it was illegal until 1915. These men served at Gallipoli, on the Western Front and died on the Somme.

It is possible the first Aboriginal officer in Australia might have been Lieutenant Alfred Hearps who served in the 12th Battalion and fought at Gallipoli. Lieutenant Hearps died at Mouquet Farm at Pozieres after being hit in the neck by a shell.

She said one motivation may have been equality - unlike in civilian life, pay was the same as non-Aborigines.

"These are stories that need to be told. For every fellow who's enlisted there is a different story. There was a substantial group who left the islands, Cape Barren and Flinders, it was the biggest journey of their life just to get to Hobart," Mrs Gerrard said.

At least one died when meningitis killed more than two dozen during a Claremont training camp.

Private Marcus Blake Norman Brown from Cape Barren was one of 48 men from the Furneaux islands who enlisted.

Private Brown died of his wounds three days after being shot at the Battle for Messines, hit by gas attacks. He was buried at Rouen.

Mrs Gerrard would like to know any information from family members of the men, whose names include Everett, Maynard, Mansell and Brown.

LINC has researched some of the Islanders who served.

Warning: Some of these webpages may contain images of deceased Aboriginal people which may offend  Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.

Name, Service Number, Place of Birth, State of Enlistment

Anderson, James Henry, 332, Latrobe, Tasmania, Tasmania

Anderson, Percy Alfred, T9141, Latrobe, Tasmania, Tasmania

Brown, Claude Eyre, 6477, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Brown, Frederick William, 3427, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Brown, Henry George, 5054, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Brown, Marcus Blake Norman, 2291, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Brown, Willard Stanley, T3206, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Burgess, Allan Montgomery,3019, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Burgess, Sydney, 5055, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Cox, Douglas Lancell Keith, Depot, Stanley, Victoria

Cox, Lionel, 7992, Stanley, Victoria

Dyson, Vere Clifton, 3055, Latrobe, Tasmania

Elmer, William, 315, Latrobe, Tasmania

Everett, Julian Clifford, 6271, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Fisher, George Godfrey, 374, Launceston, Tasmania

Fisher, John Albert, 2328, Launceston, Tasmania

Gower, Clifford William, 7992, Lefroy, Tasmania

Gower, John Donald, 2838, Latrobe, Tasmania

Gower, William Harold, 14604, Latrobe, Tasmania

Hearps, Alfred John, 409, Forth, Tasmania

Hearps, Charles, MM207, Devonport, Tasmania

Hearps, Cyril Charles, 900, Burnie, Tasmania

Hearps, George Clarence, 3478, Latrobe, Tasmania

Hearps, Linden Louis, 2360, Barrington, Tasmania

Hearps, Wilfred Norton, 6241, Latrobe, Tasmania

Holt, Harold John, 2289, Launceston, Tasmania

Johnson, Cyril Allen, 1340, Sheffield, Queensland

Johnson, George Leonard, 889, Latrobe, Victoria

Johnson, Jack Roy, MM1867, Ulverstone, Victoria

Johnson, Phillip, 2853, Sherwood, Tasmania

Johnson, Vernon Philip, 2225, Sheffield, New South Wales

Kennedy, Cyril James, 4387, Forth, Tasmania

Kennedy, Gilbert Morgan, 7203, Forth, Tasmania

Kennedy, John Sydney, 3307, Forth, Tasmania

Kennedy, Leo Joseph, 7755, Forth, Tasmania

Lee, Edward James, 3268, Latrobe, Tasmania

Mansell, Archie Douglas, 5150, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Mansell, George Enos, 5149, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Mansell, James Vivian Gladstone, 4436, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Mansell, Morgan, 3355, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Mansell, Silas Milton, Depot, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Mansell, Thomas Edward William, 5151, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Maynard, Edward Lewis, 2294, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Maynard, Frank, 1153, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Maynard, James Henry Paul, 7314, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Maynard, Leo Victor, 3992, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Maynard, Roy Leonard, 6324, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Maynard, William, 6311, Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Medcraft, Herbert William, T8146, Barrington, Tasmania

Medcraft, Oscar William, 6484, Lower Barrington, Tasmania

Medcraft, Robert Arthur, T7204, Lower Barrington, Tasmania

Miller, Charles Arthur James, 2612, Nicholls Rivulet, Tasmania

Miller, John William, 1227, Peppermint Bay, Tasmania

Miller, William Charles, 7515, Cygnet, Tasmania

Rees, Edward, 4356, Sheffield, Tasmania

Sellers, Earle Hartuol, Depot, Scottsdale, Tasmania

Sellers, George Ira, 19646, Sheffield, Tasmania

Sellers, Harold Thomas, 1709, Scottsdale, Tasmania

Smith, Albert Charles, 12407, Port Cygnet, Tasmania

Smith, Archibald Wilmore, 12408, Nicholls Rivulet, Tasmania

Smith, Augustus Eugene, 2232, Port Cygnet, Tasmania

Stanton, Harold Joseph, 2341, Cygnet, Tasmania

Stanton, William Alfred, 2310, Cygnet, Tasmania

Vincent, Arthur Wesley, T33737, Latrobe, Tasmania