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The Craigs

The Craig brothers had different experiences during the World War One. Frederick was awarded a Military Medal and was later reported as missing in action. William was taken prisoner by the Germans, while George was reported as still fighting the foe.

The Dillons

Timothy Dillon enlisted at the age of 40. His 21-year-old nephew, William, also enlisted.

The Butlers

Police constable John Butler lost two sons during World War One.

Welcome home Bertie Binns

Private Ethelbert (Bertie) Binns was welcomed home by family and the community. Local men who did not return from World War One were also remembered with special presentations to their mothers.

Sergeant Douglas McMillan Paton

His company Commander and all the other officers of his company, speak in the highest terms of his bravery and loyalty. He was held in such high esteem.

William Burns, a widower and father of five

Such patriotism is worthy of the highest recognition

William and Arthur Corney

William and Arthur Corney were brothers who enlisted for World War One. Only one would return to Australia.

Private Walter James Murphy

Walter Murphy enlisted on 28 March 1916 at the age of 18 and embarked with the 40th Battalion from Hobart on the Berrima on 1 July 1916.

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