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Signalman Terrence Godfrey Lockard

Terrence Lockard
Signalman Terrence Godfrey Lockard

Signalman Terrence Godfrey Lockard, 19, from Hobart was killed in action on the HMAS Sydney in one of Australia’s worst naval disasters during World War II.

All 645 crew members on board the HMAS Sydney were killed in a battle with the German raider HSK Kormoran in the Indian Ocean, off the Western Australian coast, on 19 November 1941. According to the Royal Australian Navy, there were 36 Tasmanians aboard the HMAS Sydney.

The Kormoran was also sunk, but 317 of its crew of 397 were rescued. The fate of the HMAS Sydney remained one of Australia’s greatest wartime mysteries with not even the location of the wreck established until 2008.

Terrence Lockard was a shop assistant before he joined the Royal Australian Navy on 8 May 1939. At the time of his death his father, Godfrey James Lockard, was residing in Hopkins Street, Moonah.

Godfrey Lockard served in World War One on the H.M.S Thetis and took park in the naval raid on Zeebruge, in Belgium on 23 April 1918. Godfrey Lockard also enlisted in the Navy in World War Two.