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Conscription questioned

The more one sees of militarism the more one hates, fears and distrusts it.

Robert Gordon Hawkins

Mustard gas would affect his lungs and breathing for the rest of his life.

William Cuthbert Hawkins

William Hawkins served at Anzac Cove and at Pozieres in France.

Frederick Oliver Gray

Private Oliver Gray was one of two Tasmanian recipients of the France Medaille Militaire.

Dwyer brothers of Bruny Island

Readiness to respond to the Empire’s cause.

Private Percy Adams

Private Percy Adams was reportedly the first Bruny Islander to be killed on the battlefield in World War One.

First Bruny Islander to enlist

Bushman Arthur Adams was the first from Bruny Island to enlist in World War One and was awarded a Military Medal for gallant conduct and leadership.

Coolness and courage

His coolness and courage was greatly admired by all his comrades.

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